10 Artis Korea Yang Super Hot

on 28 February 2012

Kim-Hye-Soo - Actress, Model and tv show host in South Korea. Has been in movies since 1986.

Lee Hyo-Lee - Popular hip hop singer and an actress. Started as a singer in a K-pop girl group (Fin.K.L.), in 2003 she started her solo carreer.

Kim So-Yeon - Television actress in South Korea.

Kim Tae-Hee - Television and movie actress.

Song Hye-kyo - Model and actress

Shim Mina - Better known as just Mina. She is a singer and a dancer. She became famous at the Fifa World Cup 2002 in South Korea, she was crowned “Miss World Cup”. After this she signed a record contract and became a popular K-Pop singer.

Suh In-young (Elly) - Suh In-young is better known as Elly. She is a K-pop singer, model, dancer, tv host and actress in South Korea.

Lee Ji-Sun - Lee Ji-Sun was Miss Korea in 2007.

Eugene Kim - A singer, actress and a performer. Used to be in the female group SES who were popular in the late 90s and begin 00s.

Sung Hi Lee - Only lived in South Korea for 8 years, than moved to America. Soft core nude model actually. Was featured in Playboy magazine and appeared in a number of soft core movies.

Ranking: 5


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Anonymous said...

aku dah nampak 4 orang bini aku dah dari sini. walaweii

March 2, 2012 at 10:45 PM

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