Ini Dia 10 Penyanyi K-Pop Tercantik

on 11 June 2012

Memang cantik kan artis-artis korea ni...sebab apa..??..pembedahan plastik...tak tahu juga lah..Jom kita lihat antara 10 penyanyi K-pop paling cantik di korea..cekidot...


Kim Hyun A

Kang Min Kyung

Seo Hyun 


Ahn So Hee

Jeon HyoSung


Park Hyo Min

Ranking: 5


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ljoe gasm said...

those are all natural, except some of them got a surgery around their cheeks, nose, and eyelids. also, before they debut, they got because a trainee, so they work out so much like that until their face sometimes changing from one time into another. exercises help them to be like that. p/s Choi G-Na is natural. she work out until her body become that sexy but she dont work out for her chest, thats why her boobs are that large. lol no offense. thats what she said. roflmao. and MAKE UP is also the reason why they're very pretty and why they look different without make up.

June 11, 2012 at 1:57 PM

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